O' Bassin

Chambrée O Bassin : Hébergement en chambre d'hôtes à Gujan


Just a step from huts with oysters of the Port of Larros, imagine a house of charm opened on the nature, in the marine nuances …
Come to discover its three comfortable, soft and independent rooms
and an access to the swimming pool in shelters of the looks..
Here, the hours live according to tides, with this relaxed rhythm of life of the Arcachon Bay.
Cottage,Rivage (Shore), L'atelier du pêcheur (the Workshop of the fisherman) each room will plunge you, with their soft colors, into the universe of the ocean.

Arcachon Bay's Life

The B&B «Chambrées O'Bassin», at Gujan-Mestras, welcomes you, a few minutes away from the port and from the city center, encircled by the path of the coast which surrounds the Pond.

" Here reigns a soft healthy renowned atmosphere, a discreet flavor and of good taste, mixing sea sprays with oysters drying in the sun, a musicality vibrating, changeable but so soft and pleasant "

Muriel selected some ornamental wealth of the pond and the ocean to wrap you through your stay, of a soft lifestyle Arcachon Bay..

She will accompany you at breakfast time in the shade of the olive tree, with sweetnesses "house": crumbles, muffins, lemon cake, to start your day in the Pond.
Chambrée O Bassin : Hébergement en chambre d'hôtes à Gujan